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ABCRC Launches “Contain The Unreturned” to Boost Return Rates

August 23, 2023

ABCRC has launched a new province-wide campaign entitled “Contain The Unreturned”. With a goal to increase the beverage container return rate from the current 84% to 90%, the campaign enlists the public’s help in locating and returning more non-refillable beverage containers to an Alberta Depot.

The Unreturned are those beverage containers with lower overall return rates: milk cartons, juice boxes and bag-in-box products, to name just a few. To kick-start the initiative, a two-storey installation was unveiled in downtown Calgary. Running from July 6th to 11th, 2022, the Plinko-style game gamified the recycling process and invited players to identify The Unreturned for a chance to win an extensive range of local prizes including a two-day, GoldLeaf Service rail journey for two on the legendary Rocky Mountaineer.

To further boost momentum throughout the campaign, an interactive AR experience has also been launched that familiarizes users with The Unreturned. Users scan a QR code to meet The Unreturned digitally; the hope is that in better recognizing these under-returned containers, Albertans will return more of them to their local Alberta Depot!