ABCRC's Annual Sustainability Report

Sustainability is an integral part of ABCRC operations and is the driving force behind our daily business activities. ABCRC’s annual sustainability reports combine key aspects of ESG reporting used by publicly-traded corporations with comprehensive financial performance reporting and highlights of our environmental, social and economic stewardship efforts.

Environmental Stewardship

Since the appointment of ABCRC as the collection system agent, the focus on protecting Alberta’s environment has increased. In addition to helping municipalities and the provincial government meet their waste diversion goals, ABCRC is committed to reducing its own environmental footprint and operating in an environmentally conscious manner that exceeds what is required under the Regulation.

Social Engagement

ABCRC fundamentally believes that social stewardship benefits the organizations it serves, its employees and the community in which it operates. A great example of such a program is ABCRC’s Community Champions Program, a unique approach to supporting valuable community organizations through fundraising opportunities that also builds community support of Beverage Container recycling.

Responsible Governance

As the collection system agent responsible for fulfilling the regulated responsibilities of beverage manufacturers in Alberta, ABCRC is relied on by some of the most successful companies in the world to manage their end-of-lifecycle environmental responsibilities and to help minimize the impact of the Common Collection System on consumers. As such, ABCRC focuses on responsible governance and effective cost management.

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